Juridical Indicator.. The eleventh issue of the monthly bulletin issued by SALAM International organization for the protection of human rights -SPH

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Opening Statement:
In those days, five years have passed since June 30 2013 that resulted in elimination of civil democratic life in Egypt. These years, in which the military establishment (fully) took over the reins of government in Egypt, publicly and in private, for a period valued by all observers as the worst period Egypt experienced.

Five years of targeting opposes, hundreds of arbitrary executions, unfair trials, tens of thousands of political prisoners, enforced disappearances, medical negligence, hundreds of military trials of civilians and sentences of death and life without due process.
Five years of counter-terrorism claims, and taking it as an excuse to eliminate opponents, and abuse them.

Five years of human rights violations and social, political and economic deterioration due to creating fictitious projects that cost billions of dollars and do not serve the country in the development of its shattered economy.

Five years after these failures, which have not been fully mentioned, the system deepened in human rights violations, contrary to the international principles and standards agreed by the international community to protect human beings from the oppression of dictatorial regimes.

Five years later, we wonder about the uncertain future of political, civil, economic, social and cultural life, the inherent rights of every person, without a grant from regimes, how this future will be under using repressive instruments and the tyranny of the current regime.

Alaa Abdelmonsef
Director of SALAM International 
Organization for the Protection of Human Rights – SPH

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