About us

SALAM INTERNATIONAL Organization for the Protection of Human Rights – SPH
An international, independent non-governmental (NGOs) and non-profit human rights organization.
Headquartered in: London/United Kingdom, has many working teams in: Egypt, Switzerland, Turkey, Palestine and Belgium.
The organization carries out its activities by networking with human rights organizations, legal activists, and human rights defenders.
The organization works on monitoring and documenting all human rights violations and crimes, According to peaceful, legal and juridical means.
The organization monitors human rights statues, defends the political, (civil, economic, social and cultural rights), and challenges the violations committed by authorities, regardless of the identity of the violation’s victims.
The organization makes reports of such violations, and is working to clarify and support the principles of human rights. It calls on officials to review all laws that do not comply with international human rights standards and calls on them to stop acts and practices that ignore international obligations.
In this regard, the Organization is committed to place the human rights situation clearly before the local and international public opinion (official / popular), in accordance with the relevant international treaties and conventions, to stop these violations and to work to prevent the perpetrators of violations and crimes in these countries from impunity.