Human Rights indicator… Annual Issue 2018

annual issue of the human rights bulletin, issued by Salam International Organization for the Protection of Human Rights

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In the year 2018, “Salam International Organization for the Protection of Human Rights-SPH”, issued the (Human Rights indicator) as a Numerical Statistical paper, monthly monitoring the violations in Egypt.
Monitoring and documenting, research and reports units of the organization directly dealt with victims or their relatives, to stand on the reality of violations that took place.
Maybe the violations that the organization monitor and document are not the core work of the organization and its activities, despite being its first and most important work, the main goal of the organization and any other human rights organization -from our point of view- is to identify the methodology of violations and crimes carried out by governing regimes, according to three criterions:
Are the violations and offences in accordance with a deliberate, systematic policy, against political opponents, or individual errors, from some people belonging to these regimes and their security apparatus?
Are they widespread, numerically and geographically, or limited in scope?
Do these violations represent the policy of States with their powers (legislative, judicial and executive) or are the wrongful acts of repression by certain individuals in charge of the administration of the State and its security services.
The essence of the pursuit of such standards is to determine that such violations, if they are determined to be intentional in accordance with a widespread state policy, are to be characterized as crimes against humanity and therefore to fall under the realm of non-applicability.
What gives hope to the victims and their relatives that, no matter how long, their rights will return, and the perpetrators will be judged and prosecuted, and will in no way go unpunished.
So… Without any reduction or exaggeration, we seek, in a sound methodology, to properly monitor the human rights situation on a monthly basis, to reach the desired goal of protecting an entire society from the consequences of impunity for human rights criminals.
The annual number of the monthly human Rights Bulletin issued by the “Salam International Organization for the Protection of Human Rights-SPH”, entitled (Human Rights indicator), puts the situation of violations monitored by the organization in 2018 to everyone in a clear manner, in accordance with a proper methodology from the competent units.

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