The repressive practices of the prison administrations kills detainees inside detention facilities

Extrajudicial killing

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The organization is reported that on Sunday morning, July 22nd, two detainees died inside detention facilities due to grave violations against them by the Egyptian authorities and prisons’officials, namely:

  1. Omar Adel Abdelfattah, 29 years old. According to the reports he had not been suffering any diseases, he was held at the punishment room since 18 July 2019. He was not allowed to see his family last Saturday. He is detained at Tura investigation prison since February 2015 under the military case No. 2
  2. Al Kilany Al Kilany Hassan. Died at Minya General prison as a result of medical negligence. The prison administration refused to provide the appropriate medical care. He is detained since 2016 and sentenced to life imprisonment.

If these crimes are proven; the organization expresses its deep regret to the violations, repressive actions, physical and pschycological torture and medical negligence against them and killed them. The death circumstances are currently being checked by the organization.

London/United Kingdom

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