Saudi Arabia must release “Abdelaziz Said Abdallah”

Violations of the siege

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“Salam International organization for the Protection of Human Rights-SPH” have followed up with the Incidents linked with releasing the Qatari citizen/ Mohsen Saleh Saadon Al-Karby” by the Saudi Authorities after being detained since April 2018, and being forcibly hid since then, along with depriving him from all the Fundimintal Rights, including communication with his family or relatives, or even knowing his charges which were outside the law.

The organization stresses on the necessity of clearing the whereabouts of the Qatari student/ Abdelaziz Said Abdallah, who forcibly disappeared by the Saudi authorities since July 2018.

The organization confirms that all these proceedings are outside the International Human Rights Law, especially the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

The organization calls on the Kingdom’s authorities to comply with the rule of law and its principles, stipulated in international conventions ratified by the Kingdom. Any violation of these charters is only a continuation of the policy of repression lately pursued by the kingdom’s authorities, especially after Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman took over the administration of state agencies.

The organization holds the Saudi authorities responsible for the safety of the Qatari student/ Abdelaziz Said Abdallah, demands clearing his whereabouts, and stop all proceedings violating human rights principles.

The organization confirms that the International Society, especially the United Nations and its bodies, should take serious steps towards the Saudi policies violating human rights, and work on stopping them with all legal means, as they are of great danger on the whole Middle East.

Salam International organization for the Protection of Human Rights-SPH

London/United Kingdom

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