Political prisoners of Burg Al Arab prison.. Deliberate restrictions and continues hazing

Official Statement

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On Monday, July 8th, 2019, Salam International Organization for the Protection of Human Rights-SPH and Human Rights Monitor -HRM have released an official Statement monitor the situation of the political detainees in Burg Al Arab prison, West of Alexandria. It also, monitored the systematic haze by medical negligence and banning drugs. Intransigence during visits. In addition to, degrading searches and preventing all food and personal facilities when they allow visits.

“Salam International organization for the Protection of Human Rights – SPH” and “Human Rights Monitor – HRM”, condemn the deliberate restrictions and continuous violations against political prisoners of Burg Al-Arab Prison, West of Alexandria.
Some of the detainees’ families told the Organizations that their relatives are suffering arbitrary procedures by the prison’s Administration, particularly, National Security Investigations personnel, under which they submitted two complaints on July 3rd, 2019, one of them was sent to the National Human Rights Council and the other to the director of the Prisons Authority, the Organizations gained access to them and have copies. In addition to telegrams and official records submitted to the Public Prosecutor, the Attorney General of Alexandria prosecutions and to West Alexandria Prosecution. All of them stating that the detainees suffer deliberate systematic violations, including:

  • Ban from exercise most days. Some times it is allowed for only 1 hour per day.
  • Most of healthy and clean food are banned.
  • Lack of appropriate medical care. No specialized doctors are available.
  • Lack of most needed drugs. In particular, drugs of chronic diseases are prohibited.
  • Blind intransigence against families, including denying access and regarding searches that can be considered as harassment.
  • The prison administration force the prisoners and detainees to buy food from the prison in high expensive prices.
  • The visit duration is not more than 10 minutes. In a tense atmosphere, violence and insult.

The families addressed many authorities to investigate these allegations. No concerned authority has responded to them over years where the detainees cannot enjoy the legal protection.

The two organizations stresses that the Burg Al Arab prison administration and all administrations of the prisons and detention facilities in Egypt have to cease violations and to abide by the laws. This obligation of respecting prisoners’ rights is guaranteed by the constitutional and legal provisions, in addition to the prisons regulations. It also included in the relevant international instruments and conventions because Egypt is a member of the international community. It is committed to the International instruments, in particular, Standard Minimum Rules for the Treatment of Prisoners which put restrictions, disciplines,and mutual rights and duties between prisoners and administrations of prisons and detention facilities. Any deliberate and continues violation of these rules is q flagrant violation by the State requires accountability for preparators.

The organizations affirms that the violations in prisons and detention facilities in general and continues violations in Burg Al Arab prison in particular is political retribution. The ruling regime used them to repress the political opponents in absence of law. They commit these crimes as no accountability for preparators. This bells the alarm that the violations against detainees are continuing. Deliberate medical negligence and banning visit will cause more dies in prisons, according to what have been monitored and documented. Hundreds of detainees would die inside prisons and detention facilities.

These incidents and repeated violations proves beyond any doubt that these are work intentioned and systematic violations.
The organizations call on the Egyptian government to abide by constitutions and laws, and concerned international instruments.
The organizations, also, calls on the Egyptian authorities to pay attention that these violations will affect the political, civil, economic and social life in Egypt.

The organizations deplore the international bodies to take a seriously situation to immediately cease these violations.

  • Signatory organizations:
  • Salam International Organization for the Protection of Human Rights – SPH, London.
  • Human Rights Monitor – HRM, London.

London/United Kingdom

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