Miscarriage of justice

A joint human rights report monitoring executions in Egypt

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London/United Kingdom
Tuesday, February 26th 2019
Salam International organization for the Protection of Human Rights – SPH, and other international organizations Issued a joint report entitled “Miscarriage of Justice”.

“Alaa Abdelmonsef” the director of (SPH) said that this report is issued in cooperation with other human rights organizations in Geneva/Switzerland on the occasion of the (40th) session of the United Nations Human Rights Council.

The report monitors executions in Egypt -as a penalty and judgements- along with violations, summary and arbitrary proceedings and characterization of fair trial criterion and standards.

“Abdelmonsef” affirmed that judging the defendants before extraordinary courts in political cases since July 3rd, 2013 until this report is one of the most highlighted violations of the Egyptian Constitution and International covenants ratified by Egypt, stipulating that the right to litigation is guaranteed before the ordinary judge and competent court, these legal rules stipulated that establishing special courts is prohibited. However, this happens in Egypt in a clear preach of the established legal and juridical rules.
This report reviews a brief of arbitrary and summary executions that preached the Egyptian Constitution, the Egyptian Law and the international covenants ratified by Egypt.

A report by:

AFD International – Brussels.
Justice for human rights (JHR) – Istanbul.
Salam International Organization for the Protection of Human Rights (SPH) – London.
Human Rights Monitor (HRM) – London.
El Shehab for Human Rights (SHR) – London.

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