For more than 9 months, “Waleed Shawky” is still detaned

For more than 9 months, “Waleed Shawky” is still detaned – Egyptian security authorities continue to violate the rights of Egyptians without awareness and in clear contravention of all international agreements and legal enactments, even though many detainees are often forgotten inside, the detainee and his relatives don’t know why or where he was arrested and for how long he will remain in detention.

Walid Shawky, a dentist, one of the founders of the April 6 movement, who was arrested from inside his office at his clinic in El Sayeda Zeinab District, Cairo Governorate on October 14, 2018, and was forcibly hid by the national security forces for six days,

For more than 9 months, “Waleed Shawky” is still detaned

After that, he appeared at the Supreme State Security Office in the Fifth settlement, Cairo Governorate, pending case No. 621 for the year 2018, the security of the supreme State, the same case of political activist “Shadi Ghazali Harb” and the producer of the program “Shadi Abou Zaid”.

The prosecution has charged him with several counts, most notably: Joining a group founded unlike Egyptian law, and spreading false news. But according to us from his wife, Walid has retired from politics for more than three years and no longer has any political connection whatsoever.

Since his appearance beforethe Supreme State Security prosecutor,his case was renewed several times, the latest of which was the renewal of a 45-day prison term pending investigations on June 12, June 2019, Walid has been the victim of renovations for more than nine months. This, of course, violates the Egyptian Constitution and state legislation.

For more than 9 months, “Waleed Shawky” is still detaned

The Organization therefore strongly rejects this series of violations that began with an enforced disappearance, followed by arbitrary detention, unconfirmed accusations and unjustified renewals of investigations, and calls on the Egyptian security services to Apply the Egyptian Constitution and the law and follow the international agreements ratified by Egypt. The organization is also demanding the speedy confirmation of the charges against Walid and his release if they are not substantiated

Hugh Matthews

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